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Westafrica BusinessNews is published by West Africa Business Newspapers Limited. The headquarters and operational hub is based in Lagos, Nigeria. We have an operational centre at 1st Floor, BEF’s Plaza, Utako, Abuja which coordinates northern operations.

Our core objective is to promote trade and commerce and generally the economy of the sub region. We do this through reports, commentaries and insights into developments in the economy of the different countries in the sub region. In pursuit of our sub regional posturing, we maintain offices in English-speaking West Africa.

Westafrica BusinessNews is a pan West Africa publication. The sole aim is to report, analyse and write about the economy, companies and people of West Africa from a West African perspective. We make no pretences that our sole aim is to give a sub regional perspective to any issues of economy. The regional integration of West Africa will be accorded immense attention. The challenges impeding the smooth operation of trade and commerce in the sub region will receive huge editorial space. We’ll look at the trade imbalances, the bottlenecks and proffer solutions in our little way on how best to ease off the challenges.

The tortuous road we have traversed is the product on your hand. We are committed to it and we will not by any means shirk our responsibility to readers.

We have identified a vacuum, a yawning gap for that matter and we are avowed in our commitment to serve. We will report the economy of countries in the sub region. We’ll pick out men and women with sterling qualities, who are driving the economy of the sub region for special recognition. They will be honoured across the length and breadth of West Africa.

The huge business transactions between citizens and countries of West Africa will receive adequate attention. Billions and billions of trading takes place between Nigeria and Benin Republic, between Ghana, Togo, Sierra Leone Burkina Faso, Senegal and Gambia but the transactions are largely unreported. That’s where we come in. Our duty is to report such transactions that further entrenches regional integration.

Our mission is to give value to readers. We promote commerce and industry. We engender discourse in the economy. We are here to report and analyse the undercurrents in business transactions across the sub region. We promote ingenuity in the economy.

Ours is to remove the blockages, bottlenecks and obstacles that impede genuine economic growth across ECOWAS. The daily trading that takes place between Nigeria and Benin Republic on second hand vehicles, clothing, shoes, bags etc is instructive that the economy of countries in the sub region is inter dependent. It is also note worthy that most banks in Nigeria also find their way into Benin Republic, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Senegal etc. Any wonder that a country like Benin Republic recognises this huge commerce and has located large markets on second hand clothing, shoes, motor spare parts and second vehicles markets close to its border with Nigeria. The aim is to attract the huge patronage that country enjoys from Nigeria. More than half of the second vehicles driven in Nigeria come in through Benin Republic. That country will even enjoy more of such patronage with the new high custom tariff regime that will soon take off in Nigeria.

Seeming international borders have collapsed in the face of globalisation. Telecommunications revolution across the sub region has further nailed the coffin of borders. Most telecom operators have their footprints across the sub region.

The MTN Group, Airtel, Globacom and Etisalat have seamless connections in most countries in ECOWAS. The old order of routing calls meant for the sub region to UK first has disappeared.

Enyi Moses, Esq
Executive Editor

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